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Welcome to The Kings


Welcome to The Kings! We aim to change the landscape of Esports and Esports tournaments. The Kings believe the natural and widespread usage of cryptocurrencies and NFTs can be found in gaming. Popular video games already use in-game currencies that can only be used within their game, unfortunately, these currencies do not carry over to future game developments or iterations of the game. It only makes sense that cryptocurrencies solve this and in the future, we believe gaming developers and companies will begin implementing these within their ecosystems. Gaming competitiveness has reached its renaissance. Just look at the state-of-the-art tournament arenas, global teams, and the prizes for winning tournaments. Colleges and Universities are beginning to recognize ESports as legitimate sports and giving scholarships to individuals that show their skills on the controller sticks. How will The Kings be different than other projects? Our vision is to create a website, called "The Castle" where friends will challenge other gamers to a game of their choice using any cryptocurrency as their prize. For instance, if a player wants to wager 50 SOL on a COD and another player accepts this wager, the winner of the game will take home 100 SOL.
More details on how this would work are within the Whitepaper, so please read carefully! The goal is to create a premium gaming tournament site where gamers from around the world will come to, either plays a friendly low-wager game with friends. Or to engage in high-stakes tournament-style competitions with huge prizes.